Monday, April 19, 2010

An Indian home in Bangalore

My blog is Four months old...I totally feel encouraged with the support of my blogger buddies and people who share similar passion like me on interior decoration with "Ethnic Indian style ".I am very happy and excited to share the "Archana Srinivas" home from" Rangdecor blog".I must was her blog and her home that was featured on apartment therapy ..made me start this blog of mine.

And I celebrate the success of my blog.By taking you all for a tour of her beautiful home.Archana's home taught me so many things...on restoring and respecting our old antique furnite and bronze articles and appreciating little things in life.Thanks a lot have been so inpirational to so many people in this whole world..virtually.
Your home is a great inspiration to me and many more people in this world.

Here is the front porch the patio in the case of Archana's home.
They have converted there Patio as they live in a pent house apartment and they gave the look and feel of old indian village home...look and feel.Its so inviting with bright orange coloured walls and antique furniture and doors which looks so similar to one I saw in my grand mothers place.It reminds me of my grand mothers home at Raichur karnataka where I used to visit every summer and there front proch used to look..the same the one in this picture.

Beautiful Patio furniture so lovely and cute..I must appreciate Archana its take a lot to create such great interiors .

Check this living room...the furniture ,wall art,paints and accessories..everything is just simply amazing.

I just loved the swing,Tanjore paintings that they collected during there travel and wooden dolls and indoor plants
Lovely Dinning table and chairs there a perfect match to the other furniture that they have at there home.And that clock..its so cute.
I really liked there Almirah or cupboard its totally Ethnic .
This is there Study room...I guess place from where Archana creates and posts great creative stuff on her Rang decor Blog.

I am thankful to Archana srinivas for sharing her work..with me..and fulfilled my desire to showcase her home..on Guest home tour on my blog.
If u have any question  pls visit her blog "Rang Decor"or post them here on comments section.
Cheers to all !


Sudha said...

archana's home has been a major source of inspiration for me as well!!

Ethnic Indian Decor said...

yeah sudha...Rangdecor was main inspiration for creating my blog ! said...

a rather more spiritual for my taste, but the ambient looks quite well.
I would be pleased to see something maybe a bit more modernistic.

Shereen said...

I'd love to know where she got her furniture from? (hope some place in Bangalore itself, I live here)..I'm furnishing my place and it would be of great help..just loved the place btw..


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