Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indian Design Challenge

This is my first online initiative to present my creativity.I have made this presentation for all the views on how and what products can be used to give an ethnic Indian look to your living room.
if u want any suggestion do contact me I would be glad to help you out.


Some more rare furniture from Lepakshi.Check this dressing table,beautiful swing,side corner shelf..I have one at my home too.

Lepakshi Rosewood Cupboard

Just these beautiful cupboard perfect to be paired with Lepakshi sofaset or a bedroom collection for more information pls visit

Shilparamam Must Visit place in Hyderabad

Shilparamam - A kaleidoscope to India's vibrant colours, talents and legacy.

Shilparamam, a crafts village, at Madhavpur close to Hitech city. Sprawling over 65 acres of land in the hi-tech hub city of India, Shilparamam gives a scenic ambience of tradition and cultural heritage. For promotion and preservation of Indian arts and crafts and to motivate the artisans, the state government established this platform.
Pls visit for more information.

Kolam or Rangoli as we call

These kolam are so simple and colorful some times that they give instant glow to any yard or door step.Here are kolams from my Mother at her home in Hyderabad for Pongal 2010 .

Tanjore paintings

Tanjore paintings are traditional paintings of South India and primarily cover religious subjects.

More Brass Articiles

More Brass articles .It can transform any place into an ethnic home.Check Lepakshi store again !

Cushions and Pillow

Cushions are cozy and add style to any place and furniture.check some Indian prints and fabrics used in these cushion cover,we can find rich silk ,raw cotton printed and mirror worked cushion covers they are amazing !!!

photo courtesy

photo courtesy

Cute Indian Dolls must check !!

Dolls play a major role in our culture they are used for decoration during festivals anda also as collections.Please visit have huge collection of Kondapalli dolls,soft toys and many more.Check these couple dolls they are so cute.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Indian Brass Lamps An important part of Indian tradition

No Pooja is performed without using these Brass lamps ,they are also used for decorating home as accents.Check these great collection from website.This is a great website for NRI's who are out of India but want to shop our Indian decorative's,devotional items.I really like this website a lot.

Do take time and Visit
they have excellent collection of lamps and dolls from India.

Living Room Sets at Lepakshi

These are one of the best Sofa sets.These Sofa sets bring light to any living room and gives a classy and traditional look to any place.Matched with perfect cushion covers and warm throw and curtains and Rugs.

which can bring a new look and vibrant feel if combined with perfect cushions,area rug and by using brass lamps and terracotta pot.
what a perfect combination right!!

Coffee table from Lepakshmi Hyderabad

I found some interesting Coffee tables at Lepakshmi store at Hyderabad,I am really impressed with Coffee tables and chest that can also be used as coffee table and bring traditional look and feel to any place.


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