Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Love for Natural Terracotta Art

Back home in India...I have a huge collection of terracotta wall hangings,bowls,vase and so many things.I always loved the natural earthy and clay look of mud sculptured in the form of shapes and figures.Here are some natural looking art of India.

Painted Terracotta a New Trend

Earlier Terracotta used to have a look and feel of earthiness of baked clay look but these days Terracotta art has also got new changes...Artists are using great colors like green,orange and yellow,red to give a bright look to the clay..And it bring the look of freshly coated paint on the old walls


Jute Art of India

In India especially in Kerala,karnataka and Andhra pradesh there is huge cultivation of Coconut trees and apparently lots of jute is the by product of coconuts.So the local people came up with creative ideas of making jute a main component for art pieces.And now Jute industry is one of leading industries in India.
Today I am sharing these beautiful coasters which we use in our everyday life.

image courtesy

Beautiful Hand Painted Wooden Coasters

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Look Inside Windsor Smith's Stunning Home

In her L.A. home, designer Windsor Smith masters the yin and yang of design in a way that is so very balanced.

Sunshine Beauties

Just took some pictures in sunshine..Hope u all would like
I didnt care to remove stickers on apples.Just to see how do they look when I click them as it is.

Goodmorning with a Cup of Coffee

This Post is for all the Coffee Lovers like me.I love coffee and the aroma of coffee really refreshes my mind.I started this morning with a hot cup of coffee and reading a catalog of Collins street bakery.Its one of the famous bakeries in Texas and they make yummy cakes .we ordered mixed fruit cake on Christmas and believe me it was awesome.

Friday, February 26, 2010

MAISON MNABHA-An Historic Heritage Hotel in Morocco

Maison Mnabha is an exquisitely restored townhouse, built over 800 years ago by Sultan Yacoub el Mansour in the center of Marrakech’s Kasbah. Moroccan houses are designed to be so Historic and traditional .I really started liking Moroccan homes a lot these days.Yday I watching a program on HGTV channel about buying a home in Morroco .I totally enjoyed watching that show where an American family moves to morocco and they search number of houses and they experience Moroocon homes are Huge,historic and earthy.

images from there website so visit them at
its one of the top ten hotels in Morocco.

Ethnic Home in Dubai !!

I have already posted a beautiful post about my blogger friend Patricia Torres Orange wall decoration...and I promised that I would showcase her home on my blog as a Guest Home tour.
So here I am back with pics of her home.Check out her creativity has no bounds she has been a great inspiration for me and everyone on the web and her friends to be motivated to work ones creative skills.
I loved the traditional swing the deewan seating area and two chairs on the corner of the living room and her brass tumbler which she has used to plant her green plants.
Amazing work!! Will look forward for more and more creative work and inspiration from you Pat.

Beautiful Orange Wall Decoration

Hello all,
I am really glad to share the work of one of my blogger friend.we both felt we share similar taste to color orange.She is talented ,creative and beautiful.She has strong sense of playing with colors and coordinating furniture,fabrics and accents to match theme.I will be posting a "guest home tour" on my blog today and You all will be amazed to see her beautifully decorated"Ethnic Indian home "check these amazing pics below.
Jai Sri Ganesh ...Beautiful wall mounted Ganesha artwork

Moroccan styled Lantern with Orange coloured wall and curtains perfect
Absolutely awesome look at the bright orange wall and the Wooden seating area paired with Multicolored cushions and traditional Indian Brass Lamp .I must say Patricia Ur awesome .
Just love this beautiful Lantern and Warli painting on the wall.

Please do visit her blog to check more of her work.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mysore Elephants

Once My dad went to Mysore for a business trip he got me a sandalwood elephant keychain and small cute elephant shaped doll which are similar to the one in below pic.I really liked them a lot and they smelled great!! thought of sharing this great Art with you all.

A perfect Morning

I woke up to a perfect morning today..Warm Sunshine through my patio door after many cloudy days and breakfast with Orange& pineapple mixed Jam with toast and tea.

Here I tried to use my cooking pot for floating flower...Just to see how it looks.It looked really natural

Welcome to the world of Terracotta

My home in India is filled with Terracotta wind chimes,pots,decorative accents and many more.Even in America I have seen lots of terracotta pots and wall decors.They are earthy and natural when they are not painted.

Wooden Boxes -Indian way of storing jewellery and memories :)

wooden boxes give Antique,Ethnic look and Lovely to store jewelery or can be used as display accent.

Ethnic Indian Lanterns

When I used to visit my grand mother's village she used to light up this lantern when there was a power outage..after so many years in 21th century we are using them as decorative accents.

These Lanterns are made on Indian Marble in Rajasthan


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