Friday, May 21, 2010

An Ethnic Indian Home in Singapore

After introducing you all to my new blogger friend Sanghamitra ,and her blog.
I am sure you all must have been so eager to see her Singapore home where she and her family live.I was so amazed to see her cute and well decorated home in singapore.Its so inviting and I felt I actually visited her home just by looking at the pics.check them out!!
Thanks again Sanghamitra for sharing your work.
I am sure you will enjoying blogging and share more and more creative spaces from your nest.
pls visit her blog

Co-Blogger find of this Month "Rainbow The colours of India "

Hello all,
I am very excited to introduce you all of my new friend Sanghamitra and want to introduce you all to visit her beautiful blog named as "Rainbow the colours of India"
She lives in Singapore and really a true Indian at heart.
Here are some pics that I am going to share of her Delhi home that she has preserved to share her interest in Ethnic Indian Decor and how passionate she is towards the splash of colours that she brings in her home.Which makes her place very warm and inviting and welcoming too.
India is all about "COLOURS" I am sure you all would agree with me.I feel we are bold and we dont get intimidated to use colours in our life may it be home decor,clothing etc.In all walks of life we enjoy the true colours of India.
Check out some Home decor Ideas now!!
After taking a tour of her home...I am sure you all have fallen in Love with her home.
Thanks Sanghamitra for sharing your creativity and Lovely home with all of us here.
Pls visit her blog

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beautiful Decor Ideas using Canisters!!

Hello all,

Wish u all a very Happy mothers day.

I was just recently impressed with the decor ideas using mason jars,canisters which we generally use for pickling or storing in our kitchen check them out..I am sure you all would like it.Great Mothers day decor idea too.
images courtesy :Pottery Barn

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sea Shells used for decor a Capecod look !!!

Last year during the summer we went to Cape cod at Boston .I totally loved the beaches and coastlines.It was totally relaxing and we took a break from the busy life and tension and It was the time to unwind ourselves and feel and looks refreshed.
I got lots of sea shells and paired them with candles and sterilized sea sand and created a Capecod look at feel for my summer parties.

images from Pottery barn

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My 100th post and time to celebrate this summer with cool drinks!

Hello all buddies ,
Its my 100th post today and I am really glad with all the support comments from all the blogger buddies and also from random viewers of my blog.
I started my journey in the month of Jan 2010 when I was totally bored and I wanted to do something which gives me immense satisfaction for my work.
And my blog has given me all I here we are pls virutally join me to celebrate the event .
As its summer time..and its already toooooooooo hot here in Dallas.I thought why not take the party outdoor and celebrate with lemonade and Mojito o(its a drink made of rum,mint and lemon).
Here are some outdoor entertaining inspiration ideas!
Here the Party beings cheers to all with this chilly Minty lemony Mojito!!
image courtesy:Pottery Barn

An Indian Home in Plano Texas

Hello all,
Here I bring another new ethnic home in Texas.This is the Living room pictures of Padma who lives In Plano Texas and she has such deep desire to bring that ethnic look and feel to her living room.She has been living in USA since many years and she loves to decorate her home which reflect Indian design .

After speaking to her..I realized that they have invested a lot on bringing these beautiful furniture from Kalanjali stores in Hyderabad to Texas ,USA.
And Padma also told me that they were lucky the furniture was shipped well with didnt cause any damage...that plays a big role.Here they are enriching her living room.
Images looks slightly small..pls click on them to view then clearly !!!
Thanks Padma garu!! do share more in future

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mexican pottery an Interesting find at Traders Village this weekend

Hello all,
This weekend it was my first visit to Traders village which is like a local flea market in Dallas.I totally enjoyed this place..lots of chinese shops,Mexican pottery,local farmers selling there produce.We had a really good time..check out some pics!


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