Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mother Earth Store Bangalore -First Green Store

Your search for healthier, affordable organic and natural food for – that is nourishing, tasty and good for the environment ends here.
Mother Earth is launched … for fashionable choices in garments and accessories that are natural and stylish as well as sustainable and fair, …for gifts and home decor that keep our green hand skills alive.
Industree and Future Group present Mother Earth, India’s first Store focusing on Sustainability, both environmental and social.
Offering you sensible options, along with reputed partners like Sewa, Sasha, Cottage Industries Emporium, amongst others. Browse through three floors of exciting green choices – that combine the best of hand skills and natural materials with best of contemporary design.


quality control in china said...

wao what a lovely pictures thanks for sharing us.

My Dream Canvas said...

lovely post and the store is so tempting !!

sudha said...

I am so glad to see something in terms of environment and sustainability...a totally my kind of place!!

Preethi Prabhu said...

Nice Post Rashmi. I did not have my camera when i visited the store. Glad you got the pictures.
Personally, even though they have a wide range of green products, i felt they were a little too expensive. The furniture especially.

Ethnic Indian Decor said...

Thanks to anu and quality china
Sudha Yah next time India trip I have plans to visit this store.Fab india was pioneer in coming out of idea to develop indian crafts and fabrics and I am glad that there are so many companies which are coming up same idea of restoring our antique indian culture and recycling and making India a better place . it over priced ?
I havent got a chance to visit the store yet.I feel when ever they mention recycle or green..Prices of the prodcuts do go a bit high !! Not sure why !!

Sudha said...

Price of anything organic, green or eco-friendly goes up because of all the cost which goes into production/manufacture of that item. Issues with pollution. impact on the planet and every thing about the footprint of that product needs to be taken care of...if things are done genuinely right and in order, costs of bringing the product to a consumer shoots through the roof. Hence the cost!

Though i do not know if every store which claims to be green is actually thinking in terms of sustainability in entirety, but yes, a simple thing like organic cotton have to be grown without use of chemicals (pesticides and growth inducers) ...this results in lesser production despite the higher or similar costs for the farmer... For them to remain competitive in the market, they have to put a price on the organic method used...this is because we as consumers dont have issues with buying a non-organic or mass produced good ...just that we are still evolving

Ethnic Indian Decor said...

good explanation Sudha...I always used to think why Organic milk and vegetables are so expensive in Usa.Now I know.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely store! Great post.


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