Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Indian Home in Plano Texas

Hello all,
Here I bring another new ethnic home in Texas.This is the Living room pictures of Padma who lives In Plano Texas and she has such deep desire to bring that ethnic look and feel to her living room.She has been living in USA since many years and she loves to decorate her home which reflect Indian design .

After speaking to her..I realized that they have invested a lot on bringing these beautiful furniture from Kalanjali stores in Hyderabad to Texas ,USA.
And Padma also told me that they were lucky the furniture was shipped well with didnt cause any damage...that plays a big role.Here they are enriching her living room.
Images looks slightly small..pls click on them to view then clearly !!!
Thanks Padma garu!! do share more in future

1 comment:

Sudha said...

can a living room be more ethnic...ah! so warm and pleasing


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