Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decor with Empty Beer Bottles

I came up with this idea with the Junk that I had at home..some empty bottles,flowers that's it.Do let me know what u think.


Swathi said...

hey very innovative rashmmi!! what plants r thos?

Ethnic Indian Decor said...

Hey Swathi
thanks for the praise dear !!
I actually don't know the name of the flowers...these trees are in my community in spring they have fresh flowers but in summers they turn totally green with no flowers U know!!
I wonder why ?

sri said...

wow thats a nice one inti bayata same ide poola chettu undi and morning garbage guy broke a branch....felt sad about the flowers withering out...but now i'm gonna use them in a vase...thanks for the idea!


Swathi said...

oh whatever but it looks beautiful..i wish i cud decorate my patio that way but we stay in ground floor and we have lot of squirrels which spoils any plants if i put there :(


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