Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mexican Hand panited Furniture

I am really developing lot of interest in Mexican hand crafted ,hand carved and hand painted furniture.As we live in Texas state which is known as a "a lone star state" its famous for its sunshine ,Cowboys,farms and vineyards and off course Mexican food and Mexican art..as Mexico is the closest neighbour for us.There is huge influence for Mexican living here.These Rustic and Hand painted furniture can bring that old charm to any patio or living room space .I am thrilled to share some beautiful furniture which are hand made.Look at this bench! Hand carved and painted Mexico's best!!

Sunflower Hand Painted Solid Wood Rustic Bench
Sun Hand Painted Rustic Solid Wood Bench
Calla Lily Hand Painted Solid Wood Mexican Bench
Basket Hand Painted Mexican Solid Wood Bench
Pueblito Hand Painted Rustic Bench

Poncho and Desert Hand Painted Rustic BenchWomen Hand Painted Mexican Bench

images from this beautiful website which sells Mexican Rustic Furniture http://www.tresamigosworldimports.com


Patricia Torres said...

oh my... these are gorgeous.. i liked the second one.. but as I scrolled down... there were a few I liked.. Lovely.. Would be nice to have a cozy mexican corner in your home... (mansion is more like it.. )

Ethnic Indian Decor said...

I agree,these are really a piece of art..I love painting I used to paint a lot..in my school days..Now planning to start again..Really want to paint at least one Patio bench like these ones.

Sudha said...

these rustic pieces would look charming in a courtyard or any outdoor area and add that homey touch to the place


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