Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Out Door Living for approaching Summers

After cold Winters one wants to go out and enjoy beautiful sunshine.Here are some of the best outdoor living and entertaining Outdoor settings.I would say wicker furniture paired with wonderful floral print cushions ,Lanterns and candles so that one can enjoy outside even during late evening and create a pleasant ambiance with chilled beverages.
Beautiful furniture and yellow and multicolored cushions are perfect for decoration and water Mellon fruit juiceor Chilled Fruit Punch is awesome to serve on sunny afternoons
image courtesy from pottery barn
Take a close look at the coffee table its so unique ,I recollected the goods carriage at the Railway stations in India am I right !!
Beautiful flower print on the cushions a brighten ones day .


Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. this is amazing... love the pictures.. the watermelon.. the lovely table.. (train carriage thing)... very creative!!

Lydia said...

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EJ said...

I think wicker definitely defines the outdoor furniture! I could see a wind spinner would add a touch of whimsy on that setting!


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