Monday, March 29, 2010

An Indian Home in Seattle

Hello all,today I am really glad to finally write an article about my first Flickr friend Anuradha Varma which I wanted to write since few weeks now !! She lives in Seattle and I met her on Flickr around 2 months ago..when I my blog was fairly new.when I saw her albums and her photography skills I fell in love with it.I felt she likes to bring Ethnic Indian Decor in her home in America.she likes collecting brass Ganesha idols,and always finds great stuff at Flea markets and she has good collection of Antique silver articles which she has very well incorporated in the decor of her home.Let take a tour of her home now and her collections now.

Anu says she love buddha statues and this one is the focal point of her living room. and she tries to light the lotus tealight every evening. The warmth of the candle and the serene expression on the Buddha gives her a sense of peace and purpose

Beautiful brass buddha and Ganesha collection...all from her Trip to India.

Just check this out she has used lot of brass articles for the decor..its brings so much warmth in a room and feels so inviting
I just liked this dinning area ... especially the big Laddle on the wall.

I am sure you all would have fell in love with her warm welcoming home .
Thanks Anu for sharing the snaps and giving me an opportunity to post an article .


Patricia Torres said...

Oh how lovely to see Anu's home here... Love her use of dark wood furniture & all her brass curios... so lovely!

Ganesha Silver Table Pieces said...

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Mohua said...

Rashmi, I really love your blog. Anu's house featured here is very warm and aesthetically done. The Ganesha stand and the showcase are really superb.

Anonymous said...

HI, I just came across your blog and really like it. Keep up the good work, esp the home tours.
Can I find out where the owner got the chairs in the last photo?
Would really love to buy those.
- Ashwini


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