Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Indian home in Chicago

Hello viewers,
This week I want to take you to the tour one of my IWAW community member on orkut.Her name is Tulika Saxena and lives in Chicago,IL.She is originally from Mumbai but lives in Chicago for almost 7yrs now.Tulika says when ever she visits India for for her home takes first priority on her list.she has a good collection of wall art,terracotta art work and she has used colours like green,orange,red and yellow to give a bright look to her home and she also used colourful throw cushions to give a touch of Indian taste to her room furniture.Let take a look of her home now.


Anonymous said...

such a warm home.. Love the colours of the walls..

Sudha said...

Primary colours and earthy tones gives the house a cosy feel


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