Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lord Ganesh used for Home decor and Prosperity

Today..I would bring some thing special for me I love Collecting Ganesha and I have felt there are so many of my friends also love to collect Ganesha idols,dolls and smartly use it for the home decor as ganesha is a symbol of prosperity and would remove obstacles in ones life.

Here is a mini collection from my dear friend Preethi Prabhu from kaleidoscope

This lovely collection from My dear friend from Dubai Patricia Torres from Colours Dekor .
she has really painted her wall orange and red and used this ganesha wall art .

Musical Ganesha team ...very popular form of ganesha and many people have them in there house.
This is from Anuradha Varma another good friend of mine..she is passionate of collecting Brass Ganesha .
do visit her dream canvas blog

I am totally in love with musical ganesha at anu's place and the tea light lit ...brings in so much peace .


Preethi Prabhu said...

Thank you so much for the mention Rashmi.
I loved the way you took one element from an Indian Home and dedicated an entire post to it. Keep rocking :)

Anonymous said...

Good blog. I believe that Ganesha will bring blessings and prosperity in to our house


Ganesh Wallpaper

Ethnic Indian Decor said...

Thanks preeti and Prasad.

Ganesha Idols said...

Planning to buy an idol of Lord Ganesha? If yes, then you have landed just at the right place. Load Ganesha, is the most worshiped God in India. Lord Ganesh is known for good times. People offer prayers and worship Lord Ganesha on all auspicious occasions and specially before starting anything new. So bringing home Lord Ganesha’s idol, made of pure sterling silver itself is an auspicious thing to start with. Bring home our beautifully designed Ganesha idols; bring home the divinity and positive energy to you home.

Anonymous said...

Loved your blog and the ethnic decor pics.
Where do you buy all that Indian stuff from.
Would love to communicate more with you.


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