Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wall decals

Hello all,
I am really very impressed with this new form of art which we can use almost anywhere.
These are called wall decals..they are like vinyl stickers which we can stick to the walls and remove them without any hassles if we decide to give a new look to our room

These are great for decorating kids,toddles or infants bedroom,And can also be used in living room,bedroom and we can use candles,pots or green plants to accessories and match the wall art theme.
I am surely going to try this I am planning to shop some good wall decals and give nice spring ,summer look to my home.Hope u all would love to get them and decorate ur walls too.

Image courtesy

Image courtesy


My Dream Canvas said...

great ideas..wonderful post!!

Sidu said...

beautiful idea... if u try it do let me know how it goes up on the wall.;>

Anu Karthik said...

this is really cool. thanks for sharing.

AlanR said...

There are some fantastic wall decals here. I love them! The first time I ever noticed how effective something like this could be was at my brother's house. He has put up a window scene in the lavatory. So a small totally enclosed room now feels far more spacious and bright. I particularly like using decals in my kids bedrooms. They're easy to use, transform the room and can easily be changed. Thanks for sharing!
Alan, author

Ethnic Indian Decor said...

yeah Anu..its can give a quick transformation to any room..I also loved this idea..we dont have to paint...but stick and go!!
Sudha..sure I will upload and pics ones I use them and review them also.
Anu karthik..thanks for visiting my blog..pls come back for more.
I would check the website that U sure Ur are absoultely correct these decals make wonders !

Manisha said...

Hi, just stumbled on yr blog while hunting for decals. I am based in Bombay. Do you know where I can buy wall decals from? was actually looking for decals of football players for my son's rooms but even the ones I saw on yr blog were lovely!


Sumit said...

Hey Thats nice idea to decorate walls and it really changes look and feel of the room.
I have got few of them from

I think they are the only wall decals provider in India.

Anonymous said...

Where are wall decals available in India?
mail me ls. at

jerry said...

where can you get these wall stickers...i need them very much room luks so empty... need some renovation..


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