Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beautiful Wall art eager to know how they created it!!

Hello Buddies,
I recently saw a beautiful Wall at my friend Patricia's house from her blog "Colours Dekor" and I asked her to share the pics of how did they accomplish this beautiful wall art I was so eager to know how they created it!! I am very sure many of you will also be eager to know Just like me.
She was kind enough to send me the all the pics that she managed to take when there team started painting.
So pls check it out U all would be amazed with see it.
Here is the finished wall art in the dinning area.I love the bright colours that they used like orange,yellow,red ,blue,greens...I am so totally in love with it.

Reflection of peacock in the mirror
Check out the cool colours they have used
How the peacock was made....great art work kudoos to the artists involved .
Here is the talented team busy painting and creating a great wall art..which one can adore daily!

Let me know what U all think about it.I am waiting to do similar art on a canvas soon!!
thanks dear buddy Patricia.


swetha said...

Aww..beautiful painting...i really wish i had it in my house..

Sudha said...

hey Rashmi
linked up this post to a post i wrote on TDE..do check it out

buddy said...

hi its a beautiful and pleasant piece of work, can u share us the artist information who did it, so that we can try kind of decor tooo :-)



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